The digital archiving solution for every type of enterprise data

Records management adapted to your business goals

Arcsys is a secure, unified platform that responds to a vast array of needs throughout an organization. For each record type, Arcsys implements an archiving strategy that’s customized to fit the demands of your business.

Finding a document is easy !

  • Search for content using pre-defined, context-based metadata, such as: contract reference, customer account number, date created, author…
  • Easy-to-use search across full-text content
  • Browse your classification framework in tree view.

« Each type of document is distinct. Searching for an invoice, for example, is different to how you’d go about locating a technical report. Arcsys satisfies individual user needs by providing search tools adapted to their specific requirements. »
Mikaël Mechoulam, Arcsys Project Manager

Manage your records efficiently

Your digital asset lifecycle is governed by a set of policies and procedures that vary from one document to the next: retention schedule, manager review and approval, transfer procedure…

Arcsys conforms to your retention policies and automates workflow for every record type.

Your choice of medium : finding a balance between performance and cost

Arcsys supports all storage technologies, from disk to magnetic tape to cloud. Automate migration from one media to another with ease and manage multiple copies across any number of sites.

Ensure your records are stored in complete security by keeping multiple copies and control your storage costs according to data usage.

Protect your digital assets

Arcsys creates logical separation between different record types and manages role-based user access. Records can be encrypted, ensuring absolute confidentiality and each access is registered in the system logs.

Archive data of any format

Arcsys archives all record types, without limit : documents, files, folders, relational tables, dataflow.

Archive directly from business and collaboration applications via a wide range of connectors : SAP, Filenet, Nuxeo, Documentum, Alfresco, Exchange, LotusNotes…

Long-term, sustainable archiving

Arcsys seamlessly adapts to shifts in technology, operates in multiple environments, is vendor-neutral – meaning there’s no storage lock-in, – supports a broad range of storage formats and enables you to migrate from one medium to another, with zero interference to users or applications.


Arcsys is a modular platform that can run in cluster mode with multi-site architecture and expands to deliver high performance and uninterrupted availability as your business needs evolve.


Designed to handle very large data volumes, Arcsys automates all phases of digital archiving : records management monitoring, file capture and control, media readability, backup, recovery, migration to other media, electronic signature, evolution of cryptographic algorithms.

Traceability integrity security sustainability

Archiving with evidentiary value for legally-binding documents

Arcsys preserves the legal value of your archives. Throughout their entire lifecycle, Arcsys handles the classification, integrity and authenticity of your archives and demonstrates that archived documents are indeed originals. Evidentiary value is based on :

  • Protection of components that prove an archive’s integrity, such as fingerprints, signatures, time stamps…
  • A reliable audit trail of events relating to an archive’s lifecycle (transfer, retention, consultation, retrieval, migration), and to Arcsys system activity (alerts, internal processes…)
  • The option to generate a file of evidence per archive.

Proof Folder

A proof folder is a document that lists a complete history of all actions performed on a record, right from the point of ingest and during its entire lifecycle. It demonstrates the authenticity and integrity of the record and proves full compliance with the chain of custody.
This document can be generated on demand and produced for review by a judge or an auditor for litigation or auditing purposes.

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