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Protect your most sensitive data

Arcsys is a digital archiving solution for all types of electronically stored information across the enterprise. It preserves your digital assets for the long term in complete security and is tailored to ensure full compliance with your records management policies.

The safety deposit box for your enterprise

Whether it’s invoices, payslips, HR records, emails, contracts or images, electronic media of every possible format can reside in Arcsys. Arcsys enables you to define and implement an archiving strategy for each record type, adapted to your business goals.


In Arcsys, you decide how to index and organize records according to your needs.


Arcsys supports all media formats – disks, magnetic tape, cloud… You choose where to store which archives, the number of copies you want to keep, the datacenters in which they’ll be stored…


Throughout their lifecycle your records must comply with policies and procedures such as retention periods, final disposition, destruction process, workflow… Arcsys orchestrates these phases automatically to ensure that all your records are fully compliant enterprise-wide.

Security by Design

Authentication, access permissions, integrity checks, traceability, confidentiality policies… Arcsys integrates 15 distinct processes to ensure total security and legal preservation of evidence.

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You’ve come to the right place !

With hundreds of billions of documents already archived, Arcsys protects vitally important data for a host of enterprises.

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